Two thousand twenty. The start of a new decade. Change. Optimism for what’s to come. It’s now April, and it’s been a whirlwind so far!

This year, the decor styles and trends (among most other things we deem “normal”), are moving away from the old and toward a more unique approach. With everything going on thus far, I think it’s safe to say the goal of the decor style this year should be based around comfort and functionality (just in case you have to all of a sudden work from home…for weeks).

What to look for…

  • Rattan + Wicker
  • Multi-functional pieces – ex.) a storage ottoman
  • Bookshelves (with real books..not just filler items like plants and vases)
  • Round edge
  • Bold + Bright
    – Accent colors should POP…the contrasts should be dramatic
    – My go to colors this year are by Sherwin Williams

Forsythia AKA Mustard Yellow. I LOVE this bright color–it screams sunshine! It is very bright, so it can be a little bold for an entire room, making it (in my opinion) better as an accent color than a main color. Forsythia would pair well with white, blues, and greens. I’d stay away from dark wood and browns unless you want the 70s look, but if so go for it!

Loyal Blue. This deep blue makes me think of the ocean 😍😍 You can pair this with ivory/cream, reds, yellows and greens. I’d stay away from purples and black because that can get to be very dark. I think this color would look great anywhere!

Arugula. This shade of green is very earthy, so I’d pair it with other earth tones. Brown, yellow, white, and blues. This color would look amazing on walls and even a ceiling!

  • Patterns
    – More than just stripes or polka dots–think florals, chinosere, busy prints
  • Accent ceiling > accent wall
    I LOVE a good accent wall, but…so does everyone else now. Switch it up
    and decorate your ceiling! You can paint it, use wallpaper, or cover it with a
    tile or wood arrangement
  • Live plants
    Get back in touch with the natural world, bring some of the outdoors in!
    Not only do plants add a nice look, but they also do wonders for your
    concentration and stress levels.
    – Add some fresh Eucalyptus to your shower for some daily aromatherapy!
  • Oversized floor lamps
    Spotlight your designated work space with a stylish floor lamp

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